Why Heavenlee Weddings?

When I began my business 10 years ago, hiring a wedding coordinator, planner or stylist was considered something of a luxury.  Today, more and more brides are getting wise to the benefits.   Career-conscious couples see the value in entrusting the bulk of the wedding work to an experienced pro so that they can focus on their jobs or higher education, buy (and sometimes simultaneously sell) a home, and simply revel in their engagement.


A slogging economy does mean that more couples are tightening their belts when it comes to wedding budgeting.  But consider this: Investing in a professional stylist or planner to produce your big day will save you time, stress AND money.  Often the cost of hiring a wedding consultant is offset by the money saved when your planner handles contract negotiations and watches over your budget with an eagle-eye.


In addition, a pro will help you navigate the waters of venue and vendor selection, keep you on task with timelines, and guide you on delicate etiquette issues and complicated family situations.  A stylist, like myself, also offers the added benefit of defining your unique event style and using her resources to create a look and a feel for your wedding that reflects your personalities and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.


If you would like to handle most of the planning yourself, look into engaging a wedding coordinator who will step in several weeks before your wedding day to confirm vendor details, draft a detailed wedding day itinerary and manage both your rehearsal and wedding day from vendor load-in to your grand getaway.


One thing is for certain:  no matter the price tag of your event, you are investing a significant amount of time and money to create a once-in-a-lifetime celebration.   And you should consider protecting your investment with a professional stylist, planner or coordinator to ensure that investment is protected.

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